Alkaline Water – Frequently Asked Questions

Consuming alkaline water is the latest nutritional trend that is starting to grip the imagination of health enthusiasts worldwide. Although health researchers are yet to verify any of the purported benefits of consuming alkaline water, it is common knowledge that since alkaline water has a slightly higher ph level than regular water, it neutralizes acids in the bloodstream and speeds up metabolism in the process. Following are some of the questions people tend to have about alkaline water:

Does alkaline water taste different?


The short answer is yes, it does. This is because the ionizers in your alkaline water system break down water from the 12 – 16 molecule clusters to 5 – 8 molecule groupings. This makes the water taste smoother and people claim that food and beverage prepared with alkaline water tastes better!

Is there anyone who should not consume alkaline water?

Alkaline water is generally safe for universal consumption for humans as well as pets. The only caveat is that children below three years of age should not consume alkaline water. This is because there isn’t enough acid built-up in the bloodstream of children younger than three and consumption of alkaline water can create a reverse pH imbalance.

How long does ionized water stay ionized?

The ionization process changes the water provided to you by your municipality in the following three ways and the shelf life of every change is different:

  • It creates hydroxyl ions that serves as an anti-oxidant
  • It increases the pH level of the water (hence the term alkaline water)
  • It breaks down the molecule structure into smaller clusters that gives it a silky taste

The hydroxyl ions start breaking down after 18 hrs from the ionization process. The alkaline properties will last for about three weeks. The smaller clusters stay that way for over a month.

Is all alkaline water the same?


There are several different units available in the market; however you should conduct your research carefully before making a purchase. This is a delicate procedure and if there are any kinks in the process then it can cause your body more harm than good. Also it is highly recommended that you contact your local water board to check the chemical composition of the water that is delivered to your home. If you source your water from a well then getting the water tested by an independent agency is essential. After you have all the data with you, the sales representative would be in a better position to help you with a solution that would be perfect for you!

How much alkaline water should you drink every day?

The purpose of alkaline water is to neutralize the acidic toxins that have built up in your body over time. However, completely switching from regular water to alkaline water can make you lose your toxins a little too quickly, resulting in you having to endure some detoxification symptoms. Since it is common knowledge that you should drink about 8 glasses of water per day, start with replacing one of those glasses from regular to alkaline water. You can then slowly increase your dosage over time, till about half of your daily water intake is alkaline water.

We hope to have addressed some of the most common queries people tend to have about alkaline water. Please let us know if there is something else you would like us to address!